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Data Protection Privacy Notice for Customers Revised May 2018

Data Protection Privacy Notice for Customers


OpenAIR Systems is a private company limited by guarantee. We provide ICT support services to customers on a contractual basis. In order to deliver our services, we process information which may include personal data about our customer’s employees, their clients and other stakeholders.

The directors of OpenAIR Systems Limited are the data controllers responsible for data protection of data stored and processed by the company.

The postal address and registered office of the company is:

OpenAIR Systems Limited, 1 Holmbury Grove, Featherbed Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 9AN.

The information we hold may include, names, job titles, contact addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, ICT fault reports & queries from customer employees, clients and stakeholders. Data stored by OpenAIR is held in secure systems which are only accessible to authorised staff. OpenAIR do not store sensitive personal data about their customers. Data collected by OpenAIR will be provided by our customers during day to day operation of our contract. This data may be electronic, paper or verbal communication logged in our systems.

Data about customers which is stored and controlled by OpenAIR is used exclusively for the purposes of delivering our contractual obligations as agreed with our customers. OpenAIR do not share this information with any external agency and it is held only for the purpose of delivering ICT support services. Data about our customers is stored in accordance with our Data Retention Policy and is deleted when it is no longer required.

In addition, in our role as an ICT support partner, we may have authorised access to systems and data controlled by our customers. These systems may contain sensitive personal and confidential data about customer employees and clients. Customer systems which are accessible to our employees, may include data such as names, addresses, date of birth, ethnicity, financial & contractual data and any other data held by our customers in their systems. Data held in customer systems is subject to the customer’s data retention policies as defined by their data controller.

OpenAIR will only share data controlled by our customers with appropriate third parties in accordance with the customer’s contract and in full compliance with the customer’s data protection policies.

For further information about how OpenAIR protect and manage data, please contact our office by telephone on 020 8123 3090, or by email or in writing to our registered office address.


Data Protection Privacy Notice for Customers Revised May 2018

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